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Input. Organize. Protect.

MyGearVault is the best solution to input, organize and protect your gear. It’s a free app designed for photographers and videographers of all skill levels who want to make sure their gear is organized and protected.

Why use MGV


Quickly input your gear into one safe place.


Sort your gear into categories and virtual kits.


Get protected with comprehensive insurance.

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How MyGearVault Works

Check out the video below to find out how it works.

Getting Started

See the videos below for tips on getting started with MyGearVault

How To Add Gear
It's quick and simple to add all your gear to your vault. You can enter gear by searching for it by name in our database or by entering it manually.
How To Archive An Item
A quick guide to archiving your old gear (and how to easily add it back).
How To Make A Kit
It's simple to create a "kit" using MyGearVault. Quickly and easily select the gear you would like to group together and you're all set .
How To Get An Insurance Quote
We at MyGearVault understand the importance of protecting your gear. That’s why we’re working with licensed professionals with access to top-rated insurance companies to find a solution that fits your needs.
How To Export Your Vault As A CSV
Would you like to share a kit with a friend or assistant or export your entire gear list from your vault? Here's how you can export your gear as a CSV file.
How To Add A Passcode
Secure your vault! How to secure MyGearVault with a passcode or touch ID.
How To Report Your Gear As Stolen
What to do if you've had a piece of gear stolen. I walk you through the simple process to report gear as stolen.
How To Submit Feedback
If you've got ideas on how to improve the MyGearVault app feel free to send feedback in.

Download now in the App Store or Google Play!

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